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Program Management and Construction Consulting

With a proven track record of supporting various projects in the data center and mission critical construction field, we have the ability to provide end to end program management and consulting services for your construction project. 

Fixing Electricity Lines

Owners Representation and Project Management

Successfully supported $3B worth of projects and growing. From groundbreaking to commissioning completion we can help support your project

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

By establishing and enforcing procedures, specifications, and other policies we can assure that quality control will be as easy as possible. We provide a collaborative environment where Contractors and craft people are not afraid to ask for clarification before proceeding with work, learn from mistakes along with us, and build rapport. 

Document Control

By providing efficient and cost effective policies and procedures, we can assist with taking away one of the biggest pain points after completion, the handover of documentation. With over 50 years of combined experience in documentation we can assist you in establishing documentation procedures from project sponsorship to full turnover. 

Project Planning and Scheduling

When undertaking a project of any size, efficient sequencing is critical to maintaining schedule and budget. We have real-world experience with various projects from renovations to greenfield buildouts. We can utilize our history to identify and address pain points for your project and ensure minimal impact. 

Commissioning Services

With a proven track record on commissioning projects, we can provide the guidance and experience needed to complete your maintenance turnaround or initial facility handover as efficiently as possible. 

Budgeting and Cost Control Services

We can develop accurate cost estimates for construction projects and can provide monitoring and managing project budgets to control costs.

Field Construction Management

We provide proactive solutions to construction management at site locations by: Identifying milestones and strategies to achieve them, assisting with the delegation of resources, and providing open pathways for efficient communication for all stakeholders. 

Design Reviews and Value Engineering

Were able to analyze project elements to identify opportunities for cost savings without sacrificing quality. Recommending value engineering strategies.Assessing construction plans and designs for feasibility, efficiency, and potential challenges.

Virtual Design and Construction

Implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes for a comprehensive and collaborative approach to design, construction, and facility management. Our team ensures seamless coordination and integration of BIM models.

Safety Oversight

Sometimes a second set of eyes is necessary to alleviate problems. With our hands-on approach at work sites, safety is a primary concern of ours. If you need assistance with safety oversight or personell on your site we can work to screen and place individuals who meet our strict standards and uphold our company values. 

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